I started off wanting to create a “Fashion blog” it’s trendy, cool and seems to be the norm for anyone remotely interested in fashion, and yes, that is partly true; however, ┬áin past and present (failed) attempts at the whole “fashion blogger” thing I realised that this just wasn’t working for me.

Hate to break it to you, but I’m not the most consistent of people, I never text back, wait until I run out of socks to do the laundry and allow my to-do list to pile up to such an amount that I have no choice as to either deal with it, task by task, or burry myself in a heap of blankets and never leave.

Now back to the whole blogging thing – it’s no different. I write when the inspiration strikes, and partly (maybe mostly) when time is on my side ( I’m a full time student with a part time job and and 1 day a week to get my life together – so it’s not that often.)

So instead of a fashion blog, let’s take a little bit of the pressure of, and refer to it as my online, completely out there and open to public commentary journal, where I talk about my personal fashion loves and current / future trends but also opinions on the “political world” of fashion if you must (can you tell I’m a fashion student yet, or should I add a few more pretentious words in)

If you got lost in the mess I just wrote above, don’t worry – in short, all I hope to achieve with this website, blog, column, journal whatever you wish to call it , is to share what I love and what I think and feel about fashion but also the industry that surrounds it.


Imaan x