A Fashion student in NYC

A Fashion student in NYC

I always hoped that someday I would have the opportunity to go to the Big Apple. However, I would have never dreamed of it coming so soon. Incase you aren’t caught up on what’s been going on lately, here’s a quick run through:

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Sun was shining but the wind was biting – it was 2 degrees

  1. Went to New York on College trip
  3. Got to do some pretty cool sh*t
  4. Here comes the cool shi*t I did
  5. View of Richard Avedon Vintage Prints
  6. Tour of the Tiffany & Co. Fifth Avenue Flagship
  7. Tea at the Plaza (Living my Gossip girl, Upper East side dream)
  8. Chinese Food
  9. Talk with Patricia Field (stylist of Sex and the city, Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty and the Devil wears Prada)
  10. FIT Exhibition
  11. pizza
  12. pancakes
  13. Brooklyn – Williamsburg
  14. The Guggenheim
  15. Condé Nast HQ
  16. Sephora
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I ended going back for a second shop later that day

So that is the just of what happened (if that was all you wanted to know) now comes the gritty details (if you’re into that stuff, keep reading)

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I really liked Brooklyn – can you tell?

Going to NYC for the first time is such a surreal thing for me. The closest experience I had with the city (as I am sure is the case for many) existed through a LCD screen. From the moment I landed, I still couldn’t believe where I was – I felt like a kid – in shock of absolutely everything that was different – the one way systems, drivers on the left hand side, dollars,suspended traffic lights, streets and avenues (confusing at first but I eventually got the hang of it), the subway system (not the easiest thing to navigate, but an experience in its own right), and the ridiculously generous individual meal portions – It couldn’t have been better.

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Leo (DiCaprio) has good taste – best pizza I’ve ever had, granted it was my first meal of the day and I was starving

So that’s the physicality’s debriefed. I liked to think of this trip as part work, part holiday. It was a College trip, and so there was a schedule that had been pre-planned – which was probably the best part.

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I think I nearly got run over after taking this shot – thanks blinding sunlight and multiple reflections

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Patricia Fields studio : Art Fashion

Meeting legendary stylist, Patricia Field to the private tour and talks at Condé Nast HQ at One World Trade Centre are two highlights that I could’ve only imagined happening to me – it’s just not something that happens everyday, you know?

Patricia Field was an interesting character that I did not expect at all. All I knew about her was that she was the legendary stylist behind Sex and the City, Ugly Betty and The Devil Wears Prada, and being the stereotypical fashion lover that I am, I adored all those shows, so I was buzzing for this talk.

Was it what I expected? Not really, It was interesting, with a lot of good points here and there, but having to stand for over an hour  with the distraction of her two adorable dogs was not the easiest thing – but if there was one thing that I took from it, which I found really interesting in terms of styling, and I think it  is something that anyone who is interested in personal style or styling as a whole can take something from; she always merges classic together, because classics are timeless, and to quote her, “take a wife beater and a leather jacket, two classics, not from the same era, but still classics”

take a wife beater and a leather jacket, two classics, not from the same era, but still classics

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Avedon – Marylin

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Avedon – Martin Luther King Jr.

Continuing the fashion-ny stuff  was the amazing experience at the Richard Avedon Foundation, taking look at some of his incredible work. From The original  prints of Brigette Bardot, Gabrielle Chanel, Picasso, Marilyn Monroe and Martin Luther King Jr. to mention a few – was completely out of this world.

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Avedon – Gabrielle Chanel

I would say that a running theme throughout all the talks was 50’s Hollywood – from prints of Monroe and the stories behind them to the the mannequin of Audrey Hepburn ( Mannequin, at the time,being the person of perfect proportion to the actress, to fit her dresses), the Yellow Diamond at Tiffany’s and the relationship between Audrey Hepburn and the prestigious jeweller.

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Tiffany’s Yellow Diamond

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So that’s the bulk of the highlights of this trip – but I am not quite finished yet. The last sort of leg of the trip, and I do not say last lightly – was the day we left NYC. ,with a shockingly early 7am rise on the same day we were due to fly back to London that very evening, needless to say it was 100%, without a doubt completely worth it. This was probably the entire reason I wanted to go on the trip e so badly – let’s face it, the only other time I’d ever be allowed into the HQ of Condé Nast is if I worked there (long shot, I know) so I took my chance while I still had the option.

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Condé Nast HQ  – a.k.a the ultimate dream

I am not going to bore you with the details of the entire day, because there was a lot to take in but I will mention the part or, perhaps the person that stood out to me the most. The person that made the biggest impression to everyone in that room was Chief Content Director of both Teen Vogue and them. – Phillip Picardi. If you haven’t heard of him before, whether you are interested in fashion or not, I  seriously suggest looking him up purely from a success P.O.V. I am not going to go into a huge biography of his life and career, however the  few main highlights that stood out and made him one of my favourite speakers of the day were:

  • He’s hilarious and knows how to tell a good story from start to end
  • He achieved a 250% traffic increase of Teen Vogue
  • Established a stronger footing for content around race, politics, reproductive rights and identity
  • Pitched the idea of a LGBTQ magazine which turned into the publication – them. 
  • Chief content director of two different publications under the Condé Nast name
  • He’s 26 years old ( if that doesn’t make the most of us look like under-achievers I don’t know what will )

There was a little bit of advice that Phil also gave toward the end, and although I can’t remember exactly I will try and paraphrase it as best as I can – I’m including it in here because I think it would be incredibly useful to anyone of you who are considering a future in fashion and fashion media.

He was essentially saying that the fashion industry and the magazine industry as we know it is dying. It is going through a large shift and transition and what it means today is still uncertain which is an exciting time for people like [us] (University students, younger generation that will follow up ) because we get to define this change, and be a part of something that will be new and different.

I think that ending on a high note sums up this trip really well. I didn’t include the smaller things I did (Such as where I ate, and what I did in my free time) because I wanted this post to focus on the things that made this trip to NYC unique to any other time, I may go in the future. Hopefully, if I am given another opportunity to go the city I will do more of a travel diary – but for the sake of this trip I wanted it to capture the perspective of the trip as a fashion student. If you are a fashion student, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what Patricia and Phillip had to say and if you aren’t I’d love to hear your thoughts on this perspective of the trip – did you enjoy it? or was it a little much to digest?

A gallery of the smaller things:

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Times Square

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China Town – Jo’s Shanghai

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Outside FIT after the exhibition – apparently outfit shots while waiting for an uber has become a habit rather than a coincidence




  1. March 26, 2018 / 4:35 pm

    Oh my word, such a busy trip but it sounds like you had a wonderful time – there are also some really gorgeous photographs throughout this entire post! Also very jealous of your trips to Sephora.. 😍

    • theaugustclause
      March 28, 2018 / 10:11 pm

      Thank you so much <3 it was such an incredible trip I wish I could've captured all of it!! ahaha that Sephora trip was AMAZING wish we had one here in the UK ahah <3 xxx

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