Beauty in flaws

Beauty in flaws

I’m sat here writing this post at 11pm on a Sunday night, after a long and fairly busy day of working ( currently on day 8 of an 11 days streak.) Usually, I would never write a blog post the night I end work , especially if tomorrow is a 9am start – which it is.

Every single day I am surrounded by talented, smart and beautiful people – whether I know them personally or just have a 5 minute interaction with them. Now, most of the time, I love being surrounded by people, it up lifts my spirits and sets my mood for the day; but on the rare occasion, I have an odd slip up, where all I can see are flaws – and in particular my ones.

Anything positive said about someone, becomes a reflection of what I’m not. It sounds silly and probably unnecessary too, but sometimes things just can’t be helped. This level of comparison – to the point of hating certain features about yourself, because you don;t  look like a particular person becomes exhausting and never-ending.

782CB46D-8E2B-4591-9D0F-8E7FB1B1F8BDA few days ago I read a post on one of my favourite blogs – Man Repeller, and it discussed   the idea of celebrating the traits you don’t have – essentially seeing it as something good rather than something to dwell over and loose sleep about.

42797299-D0D0-40F4-8CC8-852AC6DBB59BThis is a concept that I have never really considered before. I was and am still someone who, naturally,  always prefers to hide the things i’m not good and focus on what i’m good at.

After reading the post I decided to try it out for myself – to see if celebrating the traits that are absent from your life can actually make you happier, even in the slightest bit , and to my surprise – it did.

Not having to constantly worry about what you know / don’t know ; or have / don’t have became refreshing. Genuinely complimenting someone and enjoying the feeling of making someone smile, rather than critiquing  yourself on why you don’t look / act like them , lifts your spirits and makes you feel so much happier and content.

The best method, that I found for dealing with my flaws, was to laugh it off. If I tried to do something and failed tragically i would laugh it off – it makes the situation a lot less serious and helps you get over the mistake / failure.

Laughing things off was never something I use to be able to do – I could never openly embarrass myself or show off a particular weakness and then laugh about it – you could probably say I took myself too seriously and for the most part, I did; but allowing myself to acknowledge that I am just pathetically crappy with certain skills became the best thing I ever did for myself.

I accepted the fact that I just can’t do certain things, no matter how hard I try , and this new mindset allows me to wholeheartedly focus on the things I can do and that I can improve on.



Accepting what you can and can’t do, and knowing where you can and should improve on yourself does wonders to how you think, act and behave in life. It’s a small change but a mighty one at that – no one wants to openly share their flaws, and if you don’t want to openly be okay with that, you don’t have to; but admitting it your yourself, and understanding that flaws aren’t something to be ashamed of but rather fairly normal and common within every one, you’ll start seeing more beauty in things and overall enjoying your day a whole lot more.







  1. August 17, 2017 / 2:52 pm

    Great topic! Laughing at yourself is definitely a skill, and something that I’m still constantly struggling with. Most of the time I’m ok at it, but there are days that are just so bad that I get into this little pit of self despair. But it’s all about those baby steps, I guess? We’ll get there! 🙂 x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • theaugustclause
      August 27, 2017 / 5:20 pm

      thank you so much for reading Laura, I am so glad that you liked it! I completely agree – it takes SO much practice to get this stage where you can just shrug anything off and barely anything gets to you – but for the majority of us – that’s not the case! Yes, yes baby steps all the way ! <3

    • theaugustclause
      September 1, 2017 / 9:41 pm

      Thank you <3

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