Casual Weekend Wear in Notting Hill

Casual Weekend Wear in Notting Hill

Since moving to London a little over three months ago, I have put a serious delay on visiting “instagram worthy” areas / neighbourhoods, because either the weather just wasn’t having it, or I just couldn’t find the time for it.


However, now that summer is well on its way, and I have managed to settle down in such a busy and bustling city – I can finally say that I have visited an area that I adore and have fallen in love with – Notting Hill.
Now this might not come as a surprise to any of you, because who doesn’t love a casual day spent in an area of brightly coloured homes and blossoming trees, but as a first time visitor boy did I love it.



Taken in South Kensington 

The purpose of my little expedition was two fold:

  1. To visit the area for the first time on a beautiful sunny morning
  2. To shoot photo’s for a bog post ( Ground breaking I know)


But, in all honesty, I didn’t have much time on my hands to spend an entire afternoon in the area – I tried to see as much as I could, whilst still trying to find quite little side streets  to shoot content, even if most of my time spent there was me wandering around aimlessly as I awed at the beautiful houses and painted a picture in my head as to how I would someday own one ( we can all dream!)

Hopefully the next time I visit Notting Hill ( which I have feeling will be very soon) I will be able to see a bit more and do a little more ( other than gawking at the beautiful streets and homes); But for what it was worth, as brief as it was  – I loved every second of it!

As far as my outfit choice goes, I am still transitioning into a full summer wardrobe ( bear with me!)  but I decided to see what I could work with and play around with in my existing wardrobe ( as small as it is.)

So I decided to pair this incredibly long shirt* with a pair of Topshop distressed jeans and my trusty block heel ankle boots, and to bring back a pop colour ( I mean, as if the area wasn’t enough?) I paired it with my current favourite dusty pink Furla cross-body bag!

*It was probably supposed to worn as a dress (oops?)



Top/ Dress : H&M

Jeans: Topshop

Boots: River Island ( last season)

Bag: Furla



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