Flourishing in pinks 

Flourishing in pinks 

Not too long ago I got a new pair of glasses. This is always something that I look forward to ( every two – three years of course!) I am someone who isn’t a fan of contact lenses – in fact I think I’ve only ever worn them three or four times in my life. I have always just preferred how I look with my glasses on – I just felt that they suited me better.

Year after year, I’ve always leaned toward frames that are similar – black / or , tortoise shell in colour , in a rounded frame with a medium thickness. I stuck to those because it was what I knew suited me – but it never occurred to me to try something a little bolder/ different because I just assumed that it wouldn’t suit me.

Looking back it’s made me realise that this choice had a lot more underlying reasons, than just it not suiting me. I just wasn’t brave enough to try something different, becoming a creature of habit , retreating into my comfort zone – which is something I have tried so hard to not do!

This year, I’ve made a little vow to myself – to try different things, and break through my dreaded, yet familiar comfort zone ; and one of the first moves I made to try and stick to this vow was getting a much bolder pair of glasses! ( I know, how do a pair of bolder frames make you more adventurous?) Well, in the greater scheme of things, it probably doesn’t, but I can say with 100% confidence, that it has made me feel more confident in every day activities.

The difference that I found, in swopping out familiarity for something more daring is uncanny. I felt more confident in public, which is rare for me, It led me to a bit of bolder  sense of style- which again, is not something I am usually into ; but overall, it has actually been complimented on me – which never happened when I wore the common, familiar black frames.

This little experience has shown me that bolder decisions and changes ( regardless of how small they are) aren’t always a bad thing – if anything it is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  It will, without you even knowing, change how you see and do certain things. It also makes you stand out in a sea full of imitators!

These pair of glasses has  made me see ( no pun intended) how different is good. It makes you stand out, in the best way possible and showcases your individuality. So I guess what I’ve been trying to say, is that a pair of glasses has been a definitive part of my year so far, in a fashion sense as well as in personal development!


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