Top high coverage foundation for acne prone / problematic skin

Top high coverage foundation for acne prone / problematic skin

I have had problematic / acne prone skin since I was about 14 years old, and in all honesty, it played a big part in my introduction to makeup. I would try to conceal the spots/ blemishes and scars ( still do ) with as many high coverage products that I could find, but the problem ( that I found at least) was that the heavier the coverage, the more the product seemed to clog my pores, which ended up in a vicious cycle of breaking out  – concealing – breaking out because of the concealing!

So after about 5 years of trying loads of different foundations ( 5 to say the least) I have finally found one that I feel understands my sensitive and problematic skin. It is so light weight, doesn’t clog your pores and has a heavy coverage ( which is a dream combination, if you’re asking me) I love this product so much and i’m so impressed with how it has been working with my skin that I thought it would be cruel to not share it with the rest of you! So, if you haven’t already guessed it, the product I am talking about is …

Giorgio Armani’s Power Fabric Foundation.
Now, I know that this foundation is pretty popular with a lot of bloggers, and usually I am not one that loves to fall into the trap with hyped up products, but I was so fed up with not finding the right foundation for my skin that I thought I would just give it a go, just to see how I got on.
So I tried  a sample of the foundation first, just to see how I got on with it – and I thought it wasn’t too bad, but needed to try it for a little longer to make  up my mind – so I went back and asked for another sample ( which I never usually do, but I just couldn’t decide after the first one!) after I had gotten through the second one, I was convinced. My skin hadn’t broken out from the high coverage formula, it didn’t feel heavy on my skin, lasted the whole day and had a good colour match for tanned skin ( didn’t give me an orange undertone, which I find quite common with medium shades) – and so naturally I went back for the full-sized bottle!

So if any of you have quite problematic skin, I would strongly suggest trying out this foundation, because it honestly is just perfection! But if you have any other suggestions for high coverage, but non-clogging foundations , please let me know! I would love to hear about them, and maybe even give them a go ( if you think it could top this one!)



  1. April 6, 2017 / 10:14 am

    This was such a lovely review! I so agree with everything you said- I know the price is a little off putting, but it really is worth every penny. You only need the tiniest amount of the foundation, so you won’t run out any time soon. I think my favourite thing about Power Fabric is how long lasting it is! I have very oily skin, but this is the first foundation that doesn’t melt off my face within a few hours!
    Bisous, Faz

    • April 6, 2017 / 10:25 am

      Thank you beautiful, I’m so happy that you enjoyed reading it!<3 Yes, I do agree – it isn't the cheapest one out there, but you definitely get your money's worth out of it! So glad someone loves it just as much as I do ha! all the love <3 x

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