La Mer x Glossybox fangirl moment

La Mer x Glossybox fangirl moment

( This post is NOT sponsored and is done solely because it is something I am excited about, and wanted to share with all of you)

First of all can you believe that It’s taken this long for me to do my fist ever beauty related post on this blog? yeah neither can I, but hey, better late than never! So for any of you beautiful human beings out there who are always watching the talented luxe fashion/beauty youtuber’s, reads posts from luxe bloggers or is just a full on beauty enthusiast – then you may of heard of a lovely little but ridiculously expensive beauty/ skincare brand known as La Mer.


In all honesty, La Mer is that one brand that I dream of buying, but can never muster up the courage to because of it’s incredibly elite price tag. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a total believer of investing in your skin – however I can’t kill myself in trying to afford it ( as much I probably would like to!)

If any of you who feel the same way but still have a burning desire to at least just own one of their products? you may frikken love what I’m about to tell you ! Now if you follow me on twitter you may have seen me tweet about this , if you don’t you can follow me here (see what I did there) but for those of you that don’t just keep on reading.

I’m not sure if you guys are aware of a brand called “Glossybox” which is essentially  a monthly subscription box for beauty products and have feature brands like Tarte, Benefit and Sisley. Which is pretty much a godsend for those of you that want to try out new products but:

  1. Don’t want to buy it in a full size incase you don’t like it
  2. You just don’t have the time / can’t be bothered to ask for a sample.
  3. Want to try new products, but don’t know where to look or which brand to buy.




Glossy box are launching an exclusive, limited edition La Mer Glossybox ( do you understand my excitement yet?)  but that’s not even the best part so keep reading!                 So this is quite literally a box of La Mer products. Now here comes the amazing part – this box is worth £118.00 ( crazy right, but i’m not entirely surprised) but you can get it for £40.00 (+ p&p) if you’re not subscribed and if you are subscribed it is £35.00 (+p&p)! How amazing is that? I couldn’t believe it when I heard about it.


Here is a current list of revealed products that are included: 


Miceller Water and Treatment Lotion duo

How to use:

“The Micellar Water – the newest addition to La Mer’s cleansing range. This cooling formula is light and fresh, yet deeply clarifies your skin by gently sweeping away any impurities and makeup (even waterproof), leaving it soft, hydrated and radiant.

Once you’ve cleansed, The Treatment Lotion will be on hand to flood your skin with moisture. Described as ‘liquid energy’, this rich and silky hydrator wakes up the complexion and preps the skin, helping any products that follow to penetrate more effectively, in turn boosting the potency of your overall skincare routine.”


Face Serum and Eye Concentrate

How to Use:

“La Mer only launched its latest serum this January, so if you’re yet to try it, this is the perfect opportunity. Instantly gratifying, it infuses the skin with energy and hydration for a smoother, softer and healthier looking complexion. The tiny micro-droplets it contains will help your skin hold moisture for longer and also deliver the formulas key active ingredients deep within the skin.

To ensure your eyes get the TLC they deserve, The Eye Concentrate infuses the fragile skin around them with a calming cocktail of sea algae and anti-irritants to relieve and balance, helping to combat unwanted signs of ageing and fatigue.”


Créme de le Mer & Intensive Revitalising Mask

How to use:

“The Intensive Revitalising Mask detoxes the skin, leaving it fresher, plumper and overall, more luminescent. The indulgent formula drenches the skin in moisture, while the brands signature ingredient, Miracle Broth, helps actively encourage the skins natural renewal process.

Adding the perfect finishing touch to your routine – Crème de la Mer. This moisturiser is the very definition of a cult product, namely due to its skin transforming abilities. Once again, Miracle Broth ensures your complexion is revitalised and calmed, leaving it immersed in moisture and resplendent with radiance.”

This is something that is expected to sell out fast so if you’re a La Mer fan and want to get your hands on this amazing offer than register now ( all links are down below) so that you can jump the cue by getting an early bird shopping link and be one of the first  to get it when it launches on 20th Feb!

So yeah that’s my inner beauty loving craze done! If any of you have other skincare brands that you love/ would love to try please let me know!


Pre-Register here!

Shop La Mer here!

Subscribe to Glossybox here!


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